When did Minecraft come out – 2024

When did Minecraft come out?

When did Minecraft come out: It’s the game that’s become a global phenomenon in the past few years, you’re there because you’re curious about the length of time Minecraft has been in existence. Sandbox survival has been around for longer than you’d imagine… That’s why you should know when did Minecraft become popular?

It all depends on where you count from because there’s some confusion regarding the beginnings of Minecraft.

Many people consider the first version of Minecraft as the date of its birth and others consider. That more recent “full release” as its official date of release. It’s been two years since the two, which is the difference.

So when did Minecraft come out?

Technically (and we’re on this one, as well), Minecraft was release in May 2009. It was the first official launch of the sandbox game develope by Markus Persson, more popularly known by the name the Notch.

In 2009, Minecraft was available only on PC and now know in the form of Minecraft Classic. If you’ve never played Minecraft that long ago there are likely to be videos or videos of “old” Minecraft, including how few blocks were available and the bizarre “oof” sounds Steve made when he suffer damage when he was playing back in the days.

Minecraft come out

Minecraft Classic was follow by several different “versions”, including Alpha and Beta prior to the official release two years after. This is the reason the exact date of the release of Minecraft is a topic of heat debate.

We are in the direction of 2009 due to a primary factor… It’s the year that Mojang Studios still classes as the “birth” of Minecraft.

In May of 2019 exactly ten years from the initial Minecraft publication. The company launch the 10 years of Minecraft map and in a formal way (so we believe) confirms that Minecraft was release in 2009.

The map, design with the help of blockwork was a stunning minecart timeline of all the changes that Minecraft has receive. Since then as well as a museum of Minecraft mobs and a huge mob garden eggs that spawn, along with a lot of other.

If you’ve never seen the huge maps, you still can visit it and we couldn’t suggest it enough highly. You’ll not only learn things you didn’t know about the development of Minecraft but it’s also an amazing, nostalgic journey through the past of Minecraft.

when did Minecraft come out

What was the 2011 Minecraft release date, then?

In 2011, when Minecraft began to see its success grow exponentially. Notch took a step back and gave the design reins over the reigns to “Jeb”, or Jens Bergensten.

Jens remains the game’s chief designer until today and you’ve probably been able to see him. If you’ve attended or seen Minecraft Live.

After Jens assumed the role in the year 2011 (though Notch still maintained ownership of the game). Minecraft Java Edition, Pocket Edition, and the (now) Legacy Console Editions of the game make available worldwide.

Many believe that the date as Minecraft’s official release date is the 18th of November 2011. Because it was the first public and official launch for the game.

Since then, Minecraft has gone from strength to strength. With numerous changes to the game. Hundreds of brand-new mobs and blocks, and even the arrival of Alex.

Notch sold Minecraft the game to Microsoft in 2014 and this didn’t slow down the growth that the game has enjoyed. In contrast to the fears of fans at the time.

That’s it. You are free for you to draw your own thoughts up as to when Minecraft was released – but we’ll point you back to the “10 Years of Minecraft” map wink Wink*.

If this has inspired you to want to know further regarding Minecraft and Minecraft history, why not learn what you can on Minecraft Steve’s story? What about the bizarre Enderman languages? We’ve got all of it and more on the Minecraft Hub.


When was Minecraft started?

The first version of Minecraft call Java Edition. That was made by Notch over a weekend at the beginning of the month of May. The game was first release to the general public on May 17th on the forum TIGSource which is a forum that is a forum for Independent game designers.

How many Minecraft are there?

The game has two main variations of Minecraft The first is only available for computers. While the other is playable on almost all devices. Minecraft: Java Edition is the original version of the game and is perfect to install mods and play on large multiplayer servers.

When did Minecraft take off?

The game was initially launch as what is now call Minecraft Classic on May 17 in 2009. The game was officially release on November 18th the 18th of November, 2011… Since its launch, Minecraft has expand to mobile devices as well as consoles. On the 6th of November in 2014, Minecraft and all of Mojang Studios’ assets were bought from Microsoft for US$2.5 billion.

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