Best Minecraft Survival Server – 2024

Best ​​Minecraft Survival Servers

Best Minecraft Survival Server: Minecraft Servers have been the most effective way for gamers to play Minecraft in a group environment. As per (an official platform for tracking servers), 32,813 active registered Minecraft Servers are currently.

That’s quite a lot.

With thousands of servers to pick from What do you do to determine which servers are suitable for you to join? We decided to do the ground and select a few of the top Minecraft Survival Servers in 2021!

From servers that permit PvP to servers protected from grief, here are some servers we think you’ll love!

What is a Minecraft Server?

Minecraft Survival Servers

As per the official Wiki, Minecraft servers are websites or platforms which allow players to play peer Minecraft players simultaneously. It can do via the internet or through the local area network.

The Minecraft game generally operates a server designed only for single-player games to make them more compatible with the players (regardless of their device or playing style). Minecraft servers are, however, designed to run multiplayer gaming.

There are many various Minecraft server types, usually distinguished through their regulations and rules social structures, and distinctive game features they provide.

Some servers concentrate specifically on Minecraft’s Adventure and Creative modes. Some servers are more focused on PVP. There will always something that separates them regardless. There are no 2 Minecraft servers alike.

What is Minecraft Survival?

Within Minecraft, Survival is the default game mode. The players in this mode have to fight for their lives in the face of a hostile world. They are able to wander through the wilderness, find materials, and create equipment and items to boost their odds of survival.

Minecraft Survival Servers, also known as Survival Multi-Player, or SMP Take the idea of the classic game mode and make it the primary focus for the server.

Players may lose their health after they suffer falling injuries or are attacked by mobs as well as fellow teammates and even drown (if they’re not cautious enough). The players will also have to locate safe places to shield themselves from mobs that are hostile before the night comes.

They may also use mods and plugins to enhance functions and Minecraft textures to improve the visuals. Specific survival servers also allow PvP in conjunction with the standard survival rules to add an additional challenge to the experience.

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

I. Simple Survival

IP Address: play. simple survival. gg

Let’s begin with a user-friendly, top-of-the-line alternative that doesn’t overwhelm Minecraft players or players unfamiliar with the idea of servers.

As the name implies it’s a straightforward and straightforward platform that keeps far from the glitter or glamour and flashiness of other highly modified survival servers.

This is a great choice for gamers who prefer a simple genuine, simple, and straightforward Minecraft survival experience using an engine that can play multiplayer.

Simple Survival

II. BreakdownCraft

IP Address:

BreakdownCraft offers the most comprehensive features for players who are who want to play PvP with grief protection. survival games.

They have two servers that are of importance; one of them is the Medieval Survival Server. It offers 30 custom quests and runs using a game-based economy. All money is earned through community shops and jobs instead of shopping menus.

They also have a vast /help menu which is perfect for both new players as well as for servers that are new players.

BreakdownCraft’s other survival server is called the Aquatic Survival Server – a shop-based economy that strikes just the right balance, balancing multiplayer servers and the authentic, old-fashioned Minecraft Survival flavor.

Each of the Aquatic Server, as well as The Medieval Server, are grief-protected. In addition, their administrators are able to assist you with fixing your game – and even claim your cool items should you affecte outside of your right to claim. Simply submit a support ticket to their discord!


III. Hypixel

IP Address

Being one of the Minecraft servers that have the most traffic per day, Hypixel deserves a spot on this list. They offer a variety kinds of games (like Bedwarsand Skywars) to delight players, and they’re always making changes to their servers in order to allow for the latest Minecraft update. We’d even consider them to be among the most reliable and fastest servers for this purpose.

What is what sets Hypixel apart is its communities and the content of the server. With a myriad of websites and forums, there’s no surprise that they have an active Discord community of over 250,000 members.

IV. Altitude

IP address:

Altitude is a McMMO-themed game that hosts four (4) distinct Minecraft Survival Servers, each with different biomes, spawns, and maps. This increases the game replay potential as you’ll able to enjoy an entirely different experience in every option.

Additionally, you can actually sync your data across the four servers! If you do switch from one region to the next, you’ll able to keep your inventory, economic statistics, stats, and other information, and then transfer it over to in the following game.

In terms of the economy of Altitude is concerned it is an economic system that’s community-based that permits players to purchase from shops in the server’s spawners to get better prices. As with BreakdownCraft, Altitude is also protected from grief.

V. Orchidia SMP

IP Name:

Orchidia can describ as one of the newest Minecraft Survival SMP servers on this list. In late 2020, the server was established.

it is marketed as a “semi-vanilla” platform–meaning it uses plugins that enhance certain elements of the standard Minecraft Survival game mode. But, in comparison with other modified servers, the majority of it is exactly the same as the original game.

For a relatively new system, Orchidia still manages to keep a steady 150 active players on the internet during peak times. This is a higher number than other platforms that’ve been operating for a long time and that means Orchidia is a platform that keeps players returning.

In terms of the features available, Orchidia has one or two rather unique concepts for it, including the in-game currency, player markets, and the land-claiming system which prevents grieving.

Orchidia SMP

VI. Chasecraft

IP Address:

If you’re looking for a less informal, fun method of playing Minecraft Survival Servers Chasecraft can describe as a basic platform that focuses a large portion on Pixelmon (a Minecraft survival mod based on the famous franchise, Pokemon).

VII. AppleCraft

IP address:

Apple Craft is an exclusive Minecraft Survival Server that hosts three distinct servers, the largest of which is the Survival Server with a player-based economy. Two servers – the Blue and Purple are equipped with the ability to keep Inventory and claims on constantly. It is also grief-protected even after it’s shut down.

The Red server, however, has Keep Inventory turned off. Claims are still active whether players be unable to grieve outside of claims without a problem.

Each server can accommodate hundreds of active players every day, during peak hours This is a great thing for Minecraft players who are looking for a strong community.

If you’re not a fan of raiding or griefing This community is perfect the place for you. AppleCraft enforces a strict zero-tolerance policy against either They have an active and active admin team who assists staff in ensuring it is adhered to. But, be aware that PvP is allowed in unclaimed land.

VIII. OmegaCraft

IP Address:

Omega Craft is a server-based in Chile that is based on the theme of hunger games, with other games like Skywards and Skyblocks for additional fun (they even offer the Prison OP which, according to the reviews, provides an abundance of pure survivalist enjoyment). They boast more than 2000 Discord members and a maximum of 12,000 users per server.

Since its launch in 2017 OmegaCraft is now undoubtedly among the top crowded Minecraft servers on the planet.

IX. Earth MC

IP Address

Earth MC is a Minecraft server that claims to be a “geopolitical sandbox.” Keep an eye on it. It’s a survival server that has a massive, custom-built earth map that accurately replicates every nation in real-life. It’s basically an actual map of the globe within the Minecraft setting.

If you think that’s not enough take a look at the actual game. It’s based on the standard Minecraft Survival mode but there are some key aspects that make it stand out.

Earth players in MC can construct the towns of their choice. Choose a political government, initiate civil wars, and even trade with other nations and towns.

Earth MC

X. MineVille

IP Address:

One of the most large-capacity servers (roughly 5k or so in the last few months since they updated) MineVille is able to strike an excellent combination of casual games. A large community, and not-so-vanilla Minecraft Survival gameplay. The central theme of the survival game is Skyblocks.

The players can earn a worldwide currency known as Minebucks. That they can use later to trade, sell with others, host giveaways, or purchase shop items. Each Minebuck is about the same as one US penny.

Players can earn up to 2 000 Minebucks for just playing on the MineVille board! Players can also discover other things they can do using Minebucks by using the /bucks menu.

XI. Mox MC

IP Address

The uncluttered, simple and straightforward Minecraft Survival Server is comparable to Simple Server in that it is a faithful copy of the vanilla unmodified version of Minecraft survival.

Anyone who wants to play authentic, real-world gameplay in a massive online community (which currently has 40,000 Discord members and growing) will appreciate Mox MC’s easy, straightforward method of playing Minecraft Survival. Recent site stats show that the server has thousands of active users.

Mox MC also remains one of the very few Minecraft servers that are able to quickly and continuously upgrade the Minecraft version to the most recent updates. If you’re new to this world of Minecraft and Minecraft servers it’s a good starting point.

XII. ManaCube

IP Address:

Manabe is sometimes referred to by the name Mana Skyblock – is one of the most well-known servers within the Minecraft community. Many attribute this due to their distinctive (and highly rewarding) rank system, in which players are able to donate to the server in order to earn different levels.

The ranks are VIP MVP, VIP+, and Elite to mention some. Naturally, one may decide to opt-out of donating and simply enjoy the game.

This is the reason, even though, ManaCube does have one of the most active servers in terms of size. The present Discord number of members is 43,000.

Manabe Members and players have different tasks to keep the community runnin. And the capacity of the server of 5,000 permits it to host a large number of people for mini-games with the community as well as parkour-related games.

Administrators are also known to organize new competitions and tournaments regularly to keep the participation up.

If you need to select the Minecraft Survival Server based on the community’s popularity, we’d strongly recommend ManaCube.

Best Minecraft Survival Server

XIII. SurviveWithUs

IP Address:

Survive with Us (or SurviveWithUs) is a Minecraft Survival Server that offers an unbeatable experience with no glitches as every one oftheir server are backed by grief protection! It was launched in the year 2018 and this server hosts five distinct “realms” and tons of rewards for the items you collect.

Three years after, Survive With Us is now recognized to be one of the top servers, offering top-quality survival games. SurviveWithUs offers a rather unique system of claiming that allows gamers to take on chunks of content at one time.

Their plugins are developed by their team of developers and allow the game to reward players who excel over other players in Minecraft-related activities. (like killing mobs that are hostile for example or being the one who has the longest time within your group). The rewards are themed and could comprise things like in-game currency as well as “land-claim” points.

XIV. Purple Prison

The IP address is

It is one of the most well-known themed prison Minecraft servers, Purple Prison has great replay value. There are myriad objectives to focuse on and locations to explore.

In addition, once players complete the main game of prison (and make enough money to allow them to release) after which they releases into the wilderness of the server and left to survive. This kicks off the survival mode of the game!

Be aware that this game server ISN very user-friendly for beginners. If you’re looking for a relaxing game that is casual make sure to check out the other servers on this list. Purple Prison is a rather brutal sandbox that supports hardcore PvP and has specific raiding rules.

If you are a fan of the idea of gang wars, gang gangs trading outposts, trading, and even raids, then this is sure to be a hit with you.

Best Minecraft Survival Server

XV. Lord of the Craft

IP Address:

If you’re one of the Minecraft users who happen to also fantasy fans The themed Minecraft server might be the best spot for you. At present, it is in its fourth anniversary (and continuing to grow, according to its appearance), Lord of the Craft has over 48,000 Discord members.

The site offers a variety of options for roleplaying as well as LotR-based games. The main focus of them all is on old-fashioned survival.

The server is currently averaging around 700 active members per day. With the current capacity is 500, one would expect there to some issues. However, users of the server appear to in good spirits.

XVI. Foxcraft – Best Minecraft Survival Server

IP address:

Foxcraft is a well-known themed, inspired by Pixelmon SMP server that lets PvP games. Recently, they released an online game system that matches teams – Red. Blue against one another. This PvP survival style demands teams to compete to win tickets.

Each player gets the chance to win tickets however the only chance to gain more points is to buy tickets from other players.

Teams with no tickets are automatically eliminate from the contest. Be aware that this game might seem a bit dark – a little Battle Royale or Hunger Games which is why we wouldn’t recommend this for people who are looking for playful gameplay.

Best Minecraft Survival Server

XVII. SkyBlock Network

IP Address:

Last, but certainly not least, there is SkyBlock Network. – a survival-based Minecraft Server that boasts of an intimate community and a variety of interesting, semi-vanilla Survival themes to keep players entertained.

The server has a capacity of around 2,000 players as well as 5k members on Discord. Their principal theme is economy – makes use of player-based and shop-based models as a method to earn and exchange games’ currencies.

FAQs – Best Minecraft Survival Server

What is the #1 Minecraft server? Best Minecraft Survival Server

The most well-known and well-known Minecraft server is Hypixel. With more than 100,000 users in the network during the peak, Hypixel isn’t even close to keeping up.

Are there any good survival Minecraft servers?

Herobrine is always one of the most popular Minecraft servers of all time. With an emphasis on survival games and a variety of other options like Skyblock, Factions, as well as Bed Wars, players will find it difficult to choose the type of survival game they’d like to begin playing in.

Is Hypixel the biggest Minecraft server?

Hypixel holds the title of four Guinness World Records and widely regard as the biggest currently active Minecraft server with more than 100,000 players online during peak hours.

The dream started the most popular server, Dream SMP, where many well-known content creators play together and role-play to make some of the most exciting and captivating stories. Since he owns the server, Dream is usually a big part of most stories.

To get to 2B2T in Minecraft, go to Multiplayer. In the IP address field of Direct Connect, you will need to type Then you’ll be put in the well-known server queue. On 2b2t, the most popular anarchy server, donors and members who have been there for a long time get to go to the front of the line.

Lifesteal SMP is a private SMP that has 27 YouTubers in it. The server is very dangerous because it has almost no rules. It is often called “The Deadliest Minecraft SMP,” but there is one more thing that makes it dangerous. If you die, you lose a heart. You get a heart if you kill someone.

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