How To Make A Bed In Minecraft – 2024

How to make a bed in Minecraft

How To Make A Bed In Minecraft: Beds are an essential element in Minecraft. It lets players reset their spawn points. If you’ve already built your home, create your bed, set it in the room, and then sleep for at minimum one night to alter your spawn point.

If you don’t have a bed you’ve slept in at minimum once, and then you die and respawn, you’ll be respawned at the spawn point the game gave you when you first created and joined a new world or when you join the server.

bed in Minecraft

Make a bed in Minecraft

Building a bed using Minecraft is fairly simple. The blocks that make up the bed are easily found and construction is a quick, single-step procedure.

If you’re able to spare the time or the resources to do it, you could build a bed from the desired color, but you’ll have to source dye.

What you need

To make a bed in Minecraft it is necessary to have

  • Three wool blocks
  • Three wood blocks (any kind)
  • A table for crafting

Obtaining Wool in Minecraft

Wool is produced by sheep. Sheep are quite common and can be found in all biomes. They are available in white black, and brown shades. The shade of the wool determines the hue of the bed.

To get wool, you are able to:

  • Sheer is a sheep
  • Kill a sheep

For killing a lamb an iron sword is sufficient, however sheering prefer. The sheep will grow wool again after a time and you’ll gain more wool once more.

When you sheer, you’ll surely get wool. However, by slaughtering sheep you might only receive Mutton. To sheer a sheep, you need sheers. To build sheers, you will require

  • 2 iron ingots

how To craft sheers?

  1. Unlock the table for crafting.
  2. Put one iron ingot in the second cell in the first row.
  3. Incorporate one iron ingot into the first cell of the second row.
  4. Collect sheers.
Wool in Minecraft

Sheer sheep

After you’ve got your sheers, it is time to locate sheep. If you spot sheep, right-click/place the action thing on it. You should receive at least one wool block. The sheep’s shape will change to indicate that it was removed. There is no way to obtain more wool until it regains its wool.

If you wish for the bed to have a specific hue, then dye the wool prior to you begin.

Sheer sheep

Make the bed in Minecraft

After you’ve got your wool and your wood you are able to build your bed.

  1. Make sure to open the crafting table.
  2. Set one wool block inside each cell in the first row.
  3. Place one woodblock inside each cell of the second row.
  4. Retrieve the bed.
  5. While holding the mattress in your palm Click right-click on the bed to position it.
  6. After placing the bed, right-click it to set the bed and go to sleep.
bed in Minecraft

Sleeping in Minecraft

It is impossible to go to doze in Minecraft at any time you’d like.

  • It is only possible to go to bed at night, or when it’s dark (or it’s raining)
  • It is impossible to rest if there are violent mobs amidst you
  • If you don’t rest for a few nights then the Phantom will strike you during the morning.


Beds in Minecraft were necessary but not necessary to build until when the Phantom mob was introduced. In the past, the game offered players the choice of passing the night quickly and resetting their spawn points. The game now punishes players for not sleeping enough.


How do you sleep in Minecraft without a bed?

Unfortunately, there’s no method for you to rest in Minecraft without having a bed. If you don’t have accommodation, you’ll have to stay up all night. Some individuals prefer to stay AFK throughout the night However, it’s suggested that you work on your foundation or continue mining all night long to remain as productive as possible.

How do you make a bed explode in Minecraft?

The beds in Minecraft only explode at the Nether and at the End. When you attempt to sleep in any of these dimensions will cause the bed to explode.

What things do you need to build a bed in Minecraft?

In the crafting tab, you will find a crafting area comprised of a three-dimensional crafting grid. To create the white bed, you need to place three wool pieces and 3 planks of wood within the 3×3 grid of crafting. When creating using planks of wood you can make use of any type of wood plank that includes spruce, oak, Acacia, birch deep crimson, dark oak, or even warped planks.

How do you spawn a bed in Minecraft?

Beds are blocks that allow players to sleep, and also reset their spawn point within just a few blocks from the bed within the Overworld. If the bed is blocked or taken away and the player is spawned at the default world spawning point.

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