Minecraft Color Codes – 2024

Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft Color Codes: Customization is a significant role in how you experience the Minecraft experience. Talk to anyone Minecraft participant, and they’ll most likely say.

The basic game is enjoyable as it is, however, the freedom that players enjoy to play around in the world without no restrictions is what keeps many returning.


We’ve already covered Minecraft Mods as well as the Minecraft server. In this article, we’ll look at something easier (but no less enjoyable) to make Minecraft color codes.

Let’s get started!

What Are Minecraft Color Codes/Formatting Codes?

Minecraft players can alter the formatting of specific textual elements by using Minecraft Color Codes and Formatting Codes.

For instance, the former can be used to alter the color of the game-related text. Additionally, it can be used to assign different teams different colors or to alter the color of leather armor that has been dyed.

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These color codes can be utilized in the creation of colored signs, or to add the color of server messages.

The latter is a way to format text in games for example, such as the use of bold and italic fonts for announcements.

How do I Use Minecraft Color Codes?

You can alter the colors of Minecraft text by applying The Section Sign (SS) followed by a Hex Digit. This hex number can be described as the color code and each number is assigned a distinct color.

For example, for instance, this code SS0 will result in black. of black.

Minecraft Color Codes

Code SS6 however, on the other hand, could produce Gold as a color.

Beware: text formatting and text color format may be within the same category of visual alteration, but the game considers them distinct.

In Minecraft, the Java Edition of Minecraft, the use of a color code after formatting codes will disable the formatting code to that point in the code. To make it easier to visualize this with text, write the codes following this order:

Format Text Arial font Color: green size: 12pt bold Color Text black

could remove the formatting following that color indication. This means that the text will not be bolded, and the font size would be 12.

If you are you are using a color code with formatting code, make sure to enter the code for color first. Also, in the textual visualization, it would be something like:

Color Text: Font Format: Arial size 12pt Bold

There’s no need to worry about this issue if your Minecraft is Bedrock, the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, but. In Bedrock, the formatting codes continue to be valid even following the color code.

Colored Text for Minecraft Signs

The process of creating a sign that has colored text Making a sign with colored text in Minecraft is fairly simple! If you’re using Bedrock Edition, you can do it. Bedrock Edition, all you need to do is:

  1. Put a signboard on the ground
  2. Use”SS” and then the “SS” sign, followed by the number that corresponds to the color you’re interested in. This is the color code.

Don’t fret: The “SS” won’t show on the sign after you leave.

Colored Text for Minecraft Server Messages

You can also alter the color of the Minecraft Server’s message of the Day (MOTD) by putting the color code in the message. It’s as simple as changing the color of Minecraft. Only the codes differ.

To alter the color, you must access the Server Properties or Server Files as you normally would access them.

Before you write the message, add the color code that is appropriate.

Ex. u00A76 “Welcome Back to the Server”!

Save your changes, shut down your server, then restart it. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to see the new MOTD in the correct color. That is our case should be gold.

Here’s a brief listing of Minecraft Color Codes for the Minecraft Server’s MOTD:

u00A70 – BLACK

u00A71 – DARK BLUE


u00A73 – DARK AQUA

u00A74 – DARK RED


u00A76 – GOLD

u00A77 – GRAY

u00A78 – DARK GRAY

u00A79 – INDIGO

u00A7a – GREEN

u00A7b – AQUA

u00A7c – RED

u00A7d – PINK

u00A7e – YELLOW

u00A7f – WHITE

Minecraft Formatting Codes to Know

There are fewer code formats than colors in Minecraft which makes them quite simple to keep track of. This article will be concentrated on color codes however, here are some Minecraft format codes which might be useful to remember:

  • The SSL symbol is Bold text
  • Strikethrough Text = SSM
  • SSo = italicize text
  • in = underline text
Formatting Codes to Know

Minecraft Color Codes

Here is a complete listing of codes in accordance with Chat Code Number (0-9) or alphabet (alphabetized alphabetically; A-G).

ColorCodeForeground Color HexBackground Color Hex
Black (black)SS0000000000000
Dark Blue (dark_blue)SS10000AA00002A
Dark Green (dark_green)SS200AA00002A00
Dark Aqua (dark_aqua)SS300AAAA002A2A
Dark Red (dark_red)SS4AA00002A0000
Dark Purple (dark_purple)SS5AA00AA2A002A
Gold (gold)SS6FFAA002A2A00 | 402A00
Gray (gray)SS7AAAAAA2A2A2A
Dark Gray (dark_gray)SS8555555151515
Blue (blue)SS95555FF15153F
Green (green)SSa55FF55153F15
Aqua (aqua)SSb55FFFF153F3F
Red (red)SScFF55553F1515
Light Purple (light_purple)SSdFF55FFFF55FF
Yellow (yellow)SSeFFFF55FFFF55
Minecoin Gold (minecoin_gold)SSgDDD605DDD605

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Using Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft will only recognize color codes in the manner that the digit precedes the “SS” the “SS” symbol. It’s a unique symbol for sure, but it’s not one that is able to be located on a normal keyboard. Here’s how you write it:

  • On a Windows US/UK English Keyboard: Alt + NUMPAD2, NUMPAD1
  • For a Windows ANSI Keyboard (or any other keyboard) Press Alt + NUMPAD0 or NUMPAD6
  • On a Mac US English Keyboard: Option + 6 | Option + 5 (for US Extended)
  • On a MAC Keyboard (any different kind of keyboard): Option + 00a7
  • On the Linux using the Compose key activated: Compose, s, o

If you’d like to copy-paste the character you can do it using Bedrock Edition using the standard commands ( ctrl + v for Windows and cmd + the letter v on Mac). But, be aware that certain Minecraft text boxes can’t be copied in (such as chat windows command blocks, chat windows world names, etc. ).

Why Use Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft Color Codes as well as Minecraft formatting codes are one of many ways Minecraft allows players to modify their games. Changes in the text will not directly impact gameplay in the sense of giving benefits (or disadvantages, or even). However, it could make players enjoy the game more.

Why Use Minecraft Color Codes

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning that customization and modification have always played a major aspect of your Minecraft experience. There’s actually an extremely large demand for Minecraft Mods (although we’re using the word loosely since the majority of Minecraft Mods can be downloaded for free).


Learning to color code is an additional way for players to add some spice to their game. When viewed as a part of programming for children it can be an effective beginning to learn about hexadecimal code, and coloring to program with HTML or CSS in the future.


What are the official colors of Minecraft?

There are nearly 16 color codes to choose from that can help you get to play. The colors available include gold, red yellow, green blue purple, aqua white black, gray, and white.

Do color codes work in Java Minecraft?

When creating a sign with text in Minecraft In Minecraft, enter”SS” or the “SS” symbol in front of your text. Following the “SS,” after the “SS” symbol, type in the color code you want to use. Write your text, then save the text.

How do you change the color of your nick in Minecraft?

You can alter the shade of your nickname, and are not limited to using just an individual color. If you want to use colors in the name, make use of the code for formatting within the nickname.

What are the 16 Minecraft colors?

In Minecraft, you can get white, light grey, grey, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, and pink dye.

For the glitch, they need to start by holding down the “S” key and choosing the fourth option. After that, type a lowercase “k,” and the text will start spinning all over the place. From there, players can type anything they want, and the list will get longer and more random as they type. When you mix red dye and blue dye in a crafting grid, you get purple dye, which is a secondary dye colour.

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