Minecraft Ocean Monument – 2024

Minecraft Ocean Monument

Ocean Monument

Minecraft Ocean Monument: Ocean Monuments are among the most intimidating structures in Minecraft. These unusual structures are massive in size, and they are home to dangerous mobs that swim around and inside! If you are planning to visit the Ocean Monument, you must prepare for the event accordingly.

Minecraft Ocean Monument: Everything players must know

Where to find an Ocean Monument

find an Ocean Monument

Ocean Monuments can find in the following biomes:

  • Deep Ocean
  • Deep Frozen Ocean
  • Deep Cold Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Deep Warm Ocean

Gamers can discover these biomes when they travel away from the coast. Although they can easily locate a Deep Ocean biome, it will a challenge to locate an Ocean Monument!

The best time to visit is in the evening since the monument’s lights will easier to see.

What are those mobs?!

The mobs above referres to as Guardians.

Guardians are a group of hostile individuals who shoots lasers out of their eyes. The laser will charge for 2 seconds before it shoots at the person, causing the player six red hearts damage.

The laser can cause another one-heart of magic harm (bypasses armor) in the event that the player is playing Normal difficulty.

If their spikes are stretched, Guardians will damage the person each time they’re hit by its thorns.

What are those mobs

What’s inside the Monument?

In addition to the guardians of the standard, Elder Guardians also spawn. They are enormous guardians that appear to make from stone. The fish is massive and has an extremely powerful laser that does eight hearts of damage when fully charged.

The laser will connect to the players and follow their movements, and if they aren’t able to move away from it or behind a block prior to it being fully charges and they regret it, they’ll the ones to blame!

inside the Monument

The Elder Guardian may also force the player to endure Mining Fatigue at least every 60 minutes. This makes it difficult to get out of the Monument and escape.

Similar to the guardian of regular The Elder Guardian also has an effect of thorns, causing two damage when in Normal Mode (three for hard). It is recommended that players take Protection and Respiration armor that is enchanted to take on these guys.

What about the loot?

about the loot

Ocean Monuments offer the most loot available in Minecraft!

Here’s a list of the loot you could get:

  • Sponges (from Elder Guardian, Sponge Rooms)
  • Prismarine Blocks
  • Sea Lanterns
  • Gold Blocks (eight are located in the topmost room together with the Elder Guardian)
  • Dark Prismarine Blocks

The sponge rooms (seen in the photo above) are the most unusual rooms in the Monument. They can hold as many as 30 wet sponges! The sponges are then removed from a furnace before being utilized as a sponge to soak up the water (good to use for bases in the ocean).

Gamers can also earn “The Deep End” achievement If they are able to overcome the Elder Guardian.


What is the point of ocean monuments in Minecraft?

Ocean monuments, sometimes referred to as monuments, are uncommon underwater structures located in the deep ocean biome and variations. These structures are home to guardians as well as older guardians. They can be the only spot in which sponges are found and are one of the two locations where prismarine can discover and the other is the ocean’s ruins.

How many elder guardians are in an ocean monument?

Three guardians older than you occur naturally in the process of creating each ocean monument. There is one in the upper room of the monument, and two others within each wing of the memorial. They don’t respawn following their initial spawning, therefore there is a small number per planet.

Are there chests in ocean monuments in Minecraft?

There will be one chest per monument. It can find randomly within the monument.

Do all ocean monuments have sponge rooms?

Sponge rooms within Minecraft are extremely rare and pack with items that can be extremely useful for players. Sponge rooms contain sponges and they are only found in structures within the ocean biome that is known as Ocean monuments.

How do you drain an ocean monument?

After beating all Three Elder Guardian mobs in the ocean monument, players will locate a sponge room. The room is filled with a lot of wet sponges. one can acquire through breaking. This block is a crucial instrument to flush out the entire ocean’s monument.

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