Minecraft Clock Redstone – 2024

How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft

Minecraft Clock Redstone: To construct a clock using Redstone put the three pieces of a kind in a square with two blocks between them. Then, dig a hole in one of the spaces in between three of the blocks.

After that, put the remainder of your blocks in the holes, and place torches over the three blocks that were originally in the hole. Put Redstone dust over the blocks grounded.

If you’ve ever attempted to construct an automatic Redstone machine, you may have had a difficult time when trying to get the Redstone’s pulse to continue repeating itself.

The constant flicking of the lever, pressing the button, or walking onto a pressure plate are not ideal options. Instead, consider building the Redstone clock. The clock is a piece of the wiring system that permits a pulse to repeat until you decide to end it.

There are a variety of clocks you could build to meet your requirements. Most Redstone clocks are model specific, meaning that what works for one model may not work in a different version.

Required Materials for Redstone Clock

– Redstone Dust

– Redstone Torch

– Lever

These are the components you’ll need to construct the most basic Redstone clock. The clock was in use in the game prior to when many Redstone blocks were made and it was practical however. It is slower and larger than the majority of clocks. To improve the quality of clocks we’ll have to include the following.

– Redstone Repeater

– Redstone Comparator

– Sticky Piston

A lot of these Redstone products are able to create clocks by themselves. Each clock has specific dimensions and speeds. Certain games are unable to cope with the speed of the tick and might be broken. Try varying the speed of your repeaters as well as the quantity of dust in your other players to determine if this resolves your issue.

How to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures)

This is the step-by-step picture guide to follow in order to make the Redstone Clock in Minecraft:The simplest clock for the game would require three Redstone torches and a bit of Redstone dust.Clock in Minecraft

The clock works by allowing the time needed for every Redstone pulse to shut off, then turn on. When each block is powered by the Redstone torch shuts off, which lets for the subsequent Redstone torch to come on, and so on.

make Redstone Clock

To make this kind of clock, you’ll require an odd amount of Redstone torches. Make sure that your wiring is set up so that they’re in straight lines, and do not cross each other, except for corners. The dispenser is placed in order to make sure that it functions.

It is possible to put any lever you want in the timer to switch it off and it back on.

make Redstone Clock in Minecraft

The lever can broke or turned off. it off will bring the clock back to its original position. It’s an extremely simple clock that requires the use of three Redstone torches as well as nine Redstone dust to work.

Types of Redstone Clock

There are a variety of different kinds of Redstone clocks. Some require different tick rates, and certain models will fire faster while others are smaller.

Single Torch Clock

It is not a reliable clock by itself. The majority of variations of this game permit a torch to turn itself off and then turn back on without burning. If you’re looking for a clock that shuts itself off after firing around ten times, this is a great idea.

Single Torch Clock

It is possible to reset the clock by replacing the Redstone dust particles or by using an instrument to turn it off and on again.

Multi Redstone Torch

As you can see, you can employ an odd number Redstone torch to run the clock for a long time. This is more secure since the game can keep pace with Redstone pulses, preventing burnout.

Multi Redstone Torch

This is able to turn off and on using the lever. Making it efficient for any task that requires to be to automatizing. The downside is how difficult it is to connect this to other devices as well as the slow speed it fires.

Piston Clock

It is possible to use pistons, hoppers, and Redstone comparators to create an electronic clock that allows you to regulate the speed at which it produces an electrical pulse. Two hoppers should be fed each other, and put as many things in the hopper as you wish to slow the speed of the clock.

Piston Clock

The more items that are in the hopper. The slower the clock’s speed will be. When the hopper is empty. The comparators outside of the hopper will be able to detect that the condition of the block they are comparing has changed, and emit an electric pulse.


You can make it flash every time pistons move by placing another Redstone dust right next to the place where it is Redstone Block is. If you’re looking for full speed, this is the setup you should choose. If you’re looking to reduce it and control the precise time before it starts firing. You can put many more items into the hopper.

the hopperTo shut off this clock, simply empty the contents of the hopper.

Despawn Clock

A despawn clock can be an excellent clock to use if you need to extend the time between Redstone pulses. It is essentially a function of the rules of the game for dropping items to despawn. Dropped items will disappear within five minutes. This means that the clock will send out an interval of five minutes every time.

Despawn Clock

After the item is gone when it is no longer available, the Redstone torch comes back on. Enabling the dropper that is above it.

Redstone torch

The button can use to reset the clock. In the end, if you’re sufficiently far from the clock. It will not throw away an item even if the item not load. Pressing a button will allow you to begin the process over again.

The dropper fill with any object that you are able to stack. When the dropper drops a piece of material into the pressure plate, the clock will start firing and then turn off the Redstone torch till the object is gone.

This can be helpful with sensors for daylight. As it will switch on lights for you and switch off the lights when it’s daylight outside.

You must are using a Redstone torch placed on the edge that is facing the plate, to enable the device to function.


Repeater Clock

One of the smallest Redstone clocks you can create includes two repeaters. It is also among the fastest clocks that you can build.

Repeater Clock

Two repeaters should placed on opposite sides facing opposite directions. Join Redstone to both repeaters and then attach on top of a Redstone torch on top of the other and then stop the torch right away.

This creates a unison that the Redstone repeaters can keep an appropriate pulse to provide power to the other, and vice versa. It is possible to experiment with the speed of these repeaters to make it work. When I was in bedrock, was unable to get the clock to start firing without delay on either.

Repeater Clock Minecraft

Due to the delay that was present in the second repeater. The clock triggered several times but eventually was stopped by itself. It appears that the clock requires at minimum one delay on both repeaters for it to function properly in the bedrock version. It is a compact Redstone clock that operates fairly quickly.

Redstone Clock Video

Conclusion – Minecraft Clock Redstone

Congratulations! You are now able to build a variety of Redstone clocks as well as their functions. The various versions permit different clocks to work.

If a particular clock doesn’t work in the particular version that you play, don’t be concerned!. Most likely, there’s an alternative configuration that uses the same type of clock that will allow it to work in your specific version of the game.

There are numerous Redstone clocks that are available to play. Each one serves a particular purpose and has its own speed of performance, but the majority of Redstone clocks have a universal design.

Finding the ideal clock for your particular needs is simple if you need the device to run at the speed and frequency you want it to feasible. Understanding what makes each clock distinct can help you choose various Redstone equipment and various requirements to automatize.

If you’re looking for a clock that releases water every five minutes, take a look at a despawn timer. If you’re looking to control the exact duration before the clock releases an impulse, look at the piston clock or the hopper clock. There are a variety of uses that work with Redstone clocks.

FAQs – Minecraft Clock Redstone

How do you make Redstone faster?

Utilize fewer repeaters. In addition, there are fewer items that are useless and fewer blocks. Redstone is more efficient and more speedy when it is not required to move and the fewer items it must register. Utilizing one torch clock can be the most efficient clock, but it will eventually burn itself out. A two-torch clock is quick however it’s not reliable and difficult to set the on/off switch for.

Two repeaters are able to serve the purpose but they’re not as efficient as using two Redstone torches. A hopper/piston clock could be built with just one piece of equipment in each hopper and will release a pulse to everyone other tick in the game. There are some compromises that you need to take into consideration for each Redstone device, and some may be able to work, however, others will render your build obsolete.

How does a Redstone clockwork?

The simplest clock for the game comprises of three Redstone torches, and a bit of Redstone dust. The clock works by providing adequate time between every Redstone pulse to switch off, then turn back on. When each block is powered by the Redstone torch shuts off, which will allow the following Redstone torch to be turned on, and so on.

Why is my Redstone clock not working?

When the repetitions are too lengthy, they will be permanently powered and the only way to correct them is to destroy and then repair them. An easy solution is to utilize a lever, turning it on and off after a tick. The most commonly used method appears to be to set an iron torch in the middle of the clock and then swiftly break it.

At noon and midnight, Redstone signals should be made by clocks that are hung on walls. This is easy to understand. It’s a great way to make clock towers and other things that have to work at certain times.

Making an “Etonian Hopper Clock” is a very easy way to do this. If you put 25 blocks in a hopper, it will pulse once every 10 seconds.

A Redstone torch and a repeater make up this short circuit. The signal from the torch send back to the block it connect’s to. This means that when the torch turn on, it turns itself off, which lets it turn back on, which turns it off, which enables it to turn back on, which turns it off, and so on.

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