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How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft – 2022

Make A Saddle In Minecraft

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft: The fact lies… you aren’t able to make a saddle in Minecraft anymore. For those who have played for a while, this may come as surprising, but the team at Mojang chose to take down this feature.

You can also find saddles all over the Minecraft world. Continue reading to learn more about where to find an appropriate saddle and the best places to go.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

As we’ve mentioned you aren’t able to design the saddle in Minecraft.

It’s not about having the appropriate equipment or resources. Minecraft doesn’t allow players to create a recipe and there’s no recipe within the game to try. But, not all is lost. There are many ways that players can get a horse while traveling the world of endless possibilities.

Generated Saddle Locations

One of the most straightforward methods to locate the saddles in Minecraft is to explore the world. They’re found in chests in various places. You’ll need to remain patient to locate one.

Based on the Minecraft saddle page in Gamepedia This is the possibility of finding saddles at various places:

Java Edition

  1. Village Chest of Tanner (17.3 percent) Chest of Weaponsmith (16.2 percent), Chest in Savanna house (11.3 percent)
  2. Desert Temple – chest (23.5%)
  3. Nether Fortress Chest (35.3 percent)
  4. Dungeon – chest (28.3)
  5. Stronghold Alter chest (2.5 percent)

Bedrock Edition

  1. Village Chest of Tanner (17.3) The chest of the Weaponsmith (16.2 percent), Chest in Savannah house (11.3)
  2. Nether Fortress Chest (35.3 percent)
  3. End City End City – chest (13.3 percent)
  4. Dungeon – chest (28.3%)
  5. Jungle Temple – chest (12.8%)

The numbers are just a way to illustrate the possibility of finding a saddle in certain locations, however, these aren’t the only locations to locate saddles. This is why you must ensure that you clear each area and open all chests prior to leaving when you’re looking for a new saddle. It’s impossible to predict when one will appear.


It is also possible to obtain an eagle by playing the sport of fishing. There is a slim chance of obtaining one at 0.8 percent however you can boost your chances of locating that “treasure” by using a fishing rod or other enchantments.


Trading With Villagers

Trading with the villagers could be a viable option when searching for the perfect saddle. If you’re using the Bedrock Edition, you have 50% off getting a saddle for six emeralds with master-level leatherworkers.

But, if you’re using the Java Edition, you don’t need to worry about these limitations as the trade is available all the time.

Trading With Villagers

Known Saddle Drops

Saddle drops aren’t commonplace in Minecraft however they do occur in certain situations when the conditions are satisfied. Look over the most common scenarios for saddle drops:

  1. If a zombified Biglin is born on a strider there’s an 8.5 possibility that the saddle could fall. This chance increases based on your level of looting. Each level of looting amounts to an additional 1percent increase in your chance of securing the saddle.
  2. Any item you put on a saddle will fall off as they wear out, to ensure that you don’t lose inventory.
  3. Spawned ravagers equipped with a saddle are also able to drop the saddle after they die. The level of looting doesn’t impact drop rates in this situation.
  4. If you outfit the pig with a saddle that allows you to ride it, you’ll be able to have the saddle drop by taking it down. It will not automatically be returned to your inventory once you’re done riding the animal.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft Survival

Of the various ways to get a saddle, as discussed above three options are available to those when they are playing in survival. This includes:

1 The pursuit of a treasure or a saddle while fishing.Minecraft Survival2 The search for a chest is the Dungeon.chest is the Dungeon3 Locating a chest inside the Nether fortress.Nether fortress

Similar to different versions of Minecraft it is possible to locate an area to put a saddle on is simply a matter of luck. There is a chance that they will not create the first time, therefore you might need to return several times until you have the saddle.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft 1.16/1.16.4

While you aren’t able to actually create the saddle with Minecraft versions 1.16/1.16.4 However, you can locate them all over the world. The chances of finding a saddle chest will depend upon where you are located on the map.

For instance, Nether fortresses have the highest drop rates at 35.3 percent in Bedrock Edition games while Stronghold altar chests have only a 2.4 percent chance of dropping saddles.

It is also possible to find saddles to be “treasures” while fishing in the game. However, the drop probability is very low, at 0.8 percent with no rod and enchantments.


How Do You Make a Horse Saddle in Minecraft?

Whatever tools or resources you have in Minecraft you won’t be able to create a horse saddle within the game. This isn’t a feature of Minecraft at the moment and there is no recipe that can be used in making one.

You can find them all over the world, in a variety of locations for chests as well as fishing spots, and trading with certain villagers. It is possible to find zombie piggins or ravagers riding striders. They both fall off offsaddles after they pass away.

Do Villagers in Minecraft Have Saddles?

The villagers of Minecraft have saddles available for trade. If you’re interested in going this route in order to acquire an item, you’ll find a master leatherworker who you can trade with and keep six emeralds on hand. If you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there’s the chance that you’ll receive this trade, but Java version users have this option.

Why can’t you make a saddle in Minecraft?

As I mentioned earlier it isn’t possible to create the saddle you want within Minecraft. It’s not a matter of not having the proper resources or the right equipment. Minecraft is not able to permit players to create a recipe and there’s no way to attempt it.

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