Enchanting Guide Minecraft – 2024

Minecraft Enchanting Guide: Best Enchantments For Every Item

Enchanting Guide Minecraft: Enchantments are the most effective way of improving your armor and tools in Minecraft. They can provide unique effects and boosts, typically increasing the amount of damage you take or reducing the amount of damage you suffer.

In this guide, we’ll provide a brief outline of the most effective Enchantments available for every item. To get a deeper study and to find out the purpose each Enchantment is capable of, review our


Enchanting is a feature in Minecraft which allows you to further enhance your gear, even when you’re wearing the top-of-the-line armor (which is Netherite). There are many Enchantments available, and each of them has various effects.

Players can begin Enchanting after having made significant advancements in Minecraft. It is necessary to create the Enchanting Table, which doesn’t cost much, as it will cost 2 diamonds, 4 obsidian, and a book.

After you have an Enchantment Table set up it is then possible to enchant objects. Enchantments are based on the player’s level. You should focus on Enchanting at 30 levels in Minecraft and this is the best option. Players who own Enchanted Books can place them in an Anvil to use them on equipment and armor.


To begin Enchanting To begin, you’ll have to communicate to An Enchantment Table. Be aware that the higher level you’re at, the more Enchantments you’ll receive. It is recommended that your Enchanting Table should be surrounded with books as this can affect the effectiveness of any Enchantments you receive.


It’s also beneficial to keep some Lapis Lazuli in your possession since some of them will be taken off each when you choose an Enchantment. Put an item on the table and then you’ll look at the choices on the right side. By hovering over each you will be able to see an idea of what you’ll receive. Although there is only one Enchantment is provided it is possible to receive more than one.


There’s a lot to consider in determining what the top Enchantments are within Minecraft and much of it boils down to the individual’s preference. Certain Enchantments that are generally considered to be the most effective include Infinity which gives unlimited bows as well as Frost Water for boots which let you walk on water.

Below, we’ve created an overview of the best Enchantments to use with each item that you can find in Minecraft. Keep in mind that it all is a matter of personal preference in the majority of cases, and you are able to alter this any way you like.


In the case of Armor Empowerments, you’re likely to need to concentrate on security in all situations. So, you’ll be healthy in Minecraft longer which is particularly useful especially if you’re playing Hardcore mode.Both Boots and Helmets in Minecraft come with unique Enchantments that can benefit you in various ways.


  1. Aqua Infinity (I): Increases the rate of mining in the ocean.
  2. Respiration (III): This allows you to breathe for a longer period in the water.
  3. Unbreakable (III): Increases the durability of an item.


  1. Blast Protector (IV): Reduces damage from explosions and knock-back. It is especially useful when fighting Creepers.
  2. Projectile Protection (IV): Reduces the damage caused by projectiles, which is excellent against Skeletons.
  3. Protection (IV): Reduces the majority of the damage. Strengthens you and makes it harder to get killed by hostile mobs.


  1. Blast Protector (IV): Reduces the damage caused by explosions and knock-back. It is especially useful when fighting Creepers.
  2. Projectile Protection (IV): Reduces the damage caused by projectiles, which is excellent against Skeletons.
  3. Protection (IV): Reduces the severity of most damage. It makes you stronger and more difficult to get killed by enemies mobs.


  1. Depth Strider (III): Increases the speed of movement when traveling underwater.
  2. Frost Water (II): Turns water beneath the player’s feet into frost which allows you to walk through the water. This enchantment needs to be applied using the anvil.
  3. Feather Falls (IV): Reduces the impact of falls and allows you to fall at greater levels.


In contrast to Armor Enchantments, The tools you use for your weapon and tools can be very different. In the case of Tools, You might want to consider the combination of speed and endurance. For weapons and weapons, increasing the amount of damage you cause is a smart strategy.


  1. the Bane on arthropods (V): Increases the damage arthropods suffer. Arthropods comprise Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfish, and Endermites.
  2. “Fire Aspect” (II): Sets your target on fire after hitting them, causing more damage.
  3. Looting (III): Increases the number of loot mobs drop.
  4. Smite (V): Increases the damage of undead mobs, such as Skeletons as well as Zombies.
  5. “Sweeping Edge” (III): Increases the damage of sweeping attacks.


  1. Efficiency (V): Increases mining speed which allows you to cut down trees more quickly.
  2. Unbreakable (III): Increases the longevity of the item.
  3. Silk Touch (I): Blocks mined drop themselves.


  1. Efficiency (V): Increases mining speed and allows you to extract stones and minerals more quickly.
  2. Fortune (III): It increases the number of block drops. For instance, instead of receiving one diamond in each block, it’s possible to receive 4 diamonds using Fortune III.
  3. Silk Touch (I): Blocks that are mined fall off themselves.
  4. Unbreakable (III) Improves the item’s durability.


  1. Flam (I): Fires flame arrows, which allow users to set targets on the fire.
  2. Infinity (I): Shooting does not require bows, thus allowing for infinite ammunition.
  3. Punch (II): Increases the knock-back on arrows.
  4. Energy (V): Increases the damage of arrows.


  1. channeling (I): The Trident can channel lightning bolts toward an opponent. This is only effective in the event of a thunderstorm.
  2. Impaling (V): Trident is more destructive to mobs of ocean creatures.
  3. Loyalty (III): After throwing the Trident the item can return.


What order should I enchant in Minecraft?

To mix the seven enchantments by pairing to combine them, you should follow the following sequence: Soul Speed III (12), Thorns III (12), Feather Falling IV (4) and depth Strider III (6), Protection IV (4) the following order: Unbreaking III (3), Mending (2).

What is the first thing I should enchant in Minecraft?

1) Fortune
If you’re playing in survival mode, we suggest that this is your first enchantment. Fortune is best used with harvesting tools like the pickaxe since it allows more objects to drop from a block than the normal quantity.

Can you enchant a shield?

Like other weapons available in Minecraft, shields can transform. Players can apply enchantments to shields with an anvil. But shields aren’t magically enchanted by an amazing table.\

What is the best enchanting setup in Minecraft?

The best way for Enchanting Tables to be set up in Minecraft

Put 5x Bookshelves in a row behind the table, 4x Bookshelves on each side, and 2x Bookshelves in the front. Make sure there is a block of space between the bookshelves and the table. The Enchanting Table will reach its highest level with this setup.

Each bookshelf block gives the enchanting table two more levels, so you would need 25 of them to get to level 50.

How much bookshelves do you need for a level 30 enchantment?

15 bookcases.

The more levels it takes, the better the spell. Enchantments can go up to level 30, and the higher-level ones need bookshelves around the table where they are done. You need 15 bookshelves to reach the highest level of enchantment.

The enchantment table is useless compare to anvils, which are better and cost less. You can fix things in the anvil, improve them by combining them, and give them magically with books.

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