Hoe maak je een bed op in Minecraft – 2024

Obtaining Wool in Minecraft

Wool is produced by sheep. Sheep are quite common and can be found in all biomes. They are available in white black, and brown shades. The shade of the wool determines the hue of the bed.

To get wool, you are able to:

  • Sheer is a sheep
  • Kill a sheep

For killing a lamb an iron sword is sufficient, however sheering prefer. The sheep will grow wool again after a time and you’ll gain more wool once more.

When you sheer, you’ll surely get wool. Echter, by slaughtering sheep you might only receive Mutton. To sheer a sheep, you need sheers. To build sheers, you will require

  • 2 iron ingots

how To craft sheers?

  1. Unlock the table for crafting.
  2. Put one iron ingot in the second cell in the first row.
  3. Incorporate one iron ingot into the first cell of the second row.
  4. Collect sheers.
Wool in Minecraft

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