Minecraftでベッドを作る方法 – 2024

How to make a bed in Minecraft

Minecraftでベッドを作る方法: Beds are an essential element in マインクラフト. プレイヤーはスポーンポイントをリセットできます. すでに家を建てている場合, create your bed, 部屋に設置してください, and then sleep for at minimum one night to alter your spawn point.

If you don’t have a bed you’ve slept in at minimum once, and then you die and respawn, you’ll be respawned at the spawn point the game gave you when you first created and joined a new world or when you join the server.

bed in Minecraft

Make a bed in Minecraft

Building a bed using Minecraft is fairly simple. The blocks that make up the bed are easily found and construction is a quick, single-step procedure.

If you’re able to spare the time or the resources to do it, you could build a bed from the desired color, but you’ll have to source dye.

What you need

To make a bed in Minecraft it is necessary to have

  • Three wool blocks
  • Three wood blocks (any kind)
  • A table for crafting

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