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Minecraft'ta Atlar Nasıl Yetiştirilir?

Minecraft'ta Atlar Nasıl Yetiştirilir?: A horse ride in Minecraft lets you travel more quickly than sprinting. Before you can achieve that it is necessary to locate the horse you want to ride and then tame it. Did you know that you can even breed horses? Minecraft allows you to do this to make more appealing offspring or different hues.

Breed Horses In Minecraft

In Minecraft, the game, breeding horses isn’t terribly complicate from an operational perspective but when you’re dipping into the genetics of breeding it becomes more complex. Her halükârda, the situation, breeding two horses, or horses and donkeys is very entertaining, especially since the foals may have different traits. Ancak, before you can breed certain horses, you’ll require a few things.

Required Materials to Breed Horses in Minecraft

To breed horses to breed, you’ll need 2 Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. They can use in any combination however you must either make them yourself or purchase them from the Villagers.

To make them, you’ll have to cultivate apples, carrots, or mine gold. All can purchase by Villagers. Apples can purchase from oak trees, too.

To create a Golden Apple, follow these steps:

1 Break a few leaves of dark oak until you have two apples.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

2. Get some gold.

Mine some gold

3 The Gold Nuggets are melted into Gold Ingots.

Gold Nuggets

4 You can go to Your Crafting Table.

5 The apple should place in the center slot.

Crafting Table

6 Cover the apple with gold ingots.

gold ingots

7 Obtain a Golden Apple.

8 You can keep going until you have at least two more Golden Apples.

You’ll need to follow different steps for Golden Carrots.

1 You can harvest carrots from the Village or from your own home.

harvest carrots from the Village

2 Get some gold.

some gold

3 Make Gold Ingots from the Gold Nuggets.

Gold Nuggets

4 Rejoin your Crafting Table.

5 Place the carrot in the middle slot

carrot in the middle slot

6 Use Gold Ingots to surround the carrot.

surround the carrot

7 Get a Golden Carrot.

8 You’ll need two more Golden Carrots.

Gold nuggets and ingots can find in chests or mined. Gold Ingots can also make by melting Gold Ore or Nether Gold Ore. Nine of the nine Gold Nuggets from Nether Gold Ore can turn into a Gold Ingot by mining it.

Once you have enough breeding feed, it is time to start looking after your horses.

How to Tame Horses in Minecraft?

Horse training doesn’t require any special ingredients, but patience and good fortune are essential. Horses can find on plains or in savannas. They are usually not afraid to run away from you. Wild horses will not resist leads attached to them.

Here are some tips to help you tame wild horses.

1 Approach the horse that you wish to tame.

2 The use button (right-click or left trigger) is pressed on the horse.

Horses in Minecraft

3 You can expect the horse to be a bit snarling, but don’t be afraid.

horse to be a bit snarling

4 Continue doing this until you see hearts appear.

 Horses in Minecraft

5 You can now saddle or breed the horse.

Horses may tame by eating apples, wheat, Golden Apples, and Golden Carrots. These foods can omitte and horses don’t have to be fed them.

Horses can have atemperstatistic, which can be zero to 99. A random number of temper numbers is assigned to wild horses when they are first ridden. You can instantly tame a wild horse if you have a number higher than 95.

You’ll lose your temper if you don’t manage it immediately. You must persevere until it reaches 100. That is when the hearts begin to appear.

You will need two horses if you want to breed horses. You can also replace one horse with a donkey. Teknik olarak, donkeys are horse variations. They can find in herds with two to six donkeys.

Just like horses, donkeys can spawn in plains or savannas. Horses and donkeys have a 20% chance to spawn as foals.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Once you have your horses, and the breeding food, it is time to breed. It takes just three seconds to breed a foal. If you wish to have more foals, you will need to feed them again.

Here are some ways to breed horses in minecraft.

1 Equip your breeding foods.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

2 It should be fed to both horses.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

3 Let them meet.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

4 They will start to mate once they have met.

5 A foal will be nearby in two and a quarter seconds.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

6 Repeat if necessary.

Breed Horses In Minecraft

You will need to wait for five minutes if you want to breed horses again. If you have the breeding food in your hands, your horses will still be able to follow you, but they won’t eat it. You can then breed them again after five minutes.

Like all other animals and creatures that you can breed in Minecraft. Horses will go intolove modewhen they have eaten a breeding food for 30 seconds and are not able to find another horse to breed with. It will need to be fed again to return to love mode. Yine de, it doesn’t need to wait for five minutes.

A mule foal can be born by breeding a donkey and a horse. Mules cannot reproduce offspring and can’t breed. Artificial Selection is available in Bedrock Edition.

You can tame a foal once it grow up. While you are welcome to feed your foals to make them grow faster, it is not necessary to do so. Yine de, if you prefer to take care of other tasks such as mining or fishing, you can place the foal in an enclosed area and allow it to grow slowly. All foals will grow in 20 minutes without being fed.

All breeding grants you between one and seven experience points. This number can be adjusted to your liking.

Things to Do With Horses in Minecraft

You can ride a horse around the world in a saddle. The horse’s speed will vary depending on its stats. They can run at least two times as fast as a sprint, or even slightly faster. These stats can be random but repeated breeding can help you breed faster horses and better jumpers.

Saddles give you an additional slot, which is handy for keeping an item on your horse.

You can ride a horse by moving your mouse and using the movement keys to move. Horses are also able to jump over obstacles. Horses that can leap over five blocks are the best, while horses with weaker legs can only clear two blocks.

For additional protection, you can also make armor for your horse. While the armor prevents horses from being killed quickly, it does not protect them from falling or injury.

Horses can only wear armor. Skeletons, zombie horses, and donkeys can’t. The latter two can have chests that grant you an additional 15 slots. This is due to the pack animal nature of mules and donkeys.

You can travel the world faster with a horse than if you just run. Horses don’t need as much food, so you don’t need to bring as much. They can be fed if they are badly injured, but they also have healing abilities.


What is the difference between a horse, mule, and donkey in Minecraft?

Horses can wear armor, and they are usually faster. Although donkeys cannot wear armor, they can be bred with horses in order to make mules. Mules cannot be bred, but they can have chests similar to donkeys.

Each of the three animals can reach the same maximum potential stats. Öyleyse, mules can just as fast as horses if they are properly bred.

Selective Breeding Is Effective?

You now know how to breed horses using Minecraft. Although it may take some time, the results will be well worth it. You will have a stable, fast, and powerful horse to take you on adventures.

Are there any particular colors or markings you prefer for horses? Which one of these three animals do you prefer to ride? Please leave your comments below.

What is the best way to breed a horse in Minecraft?

Feed two tamed horses nearby with either a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot. This will activatelove modein both horses. It is similar to the process used for breeding other Minecraft mobs like foxes or goats or axolotls.
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