How to make a server in Minecraft

How to Make a Minecraft Server

How to make a server in Minecraft: With more than 130 million monthly active players, Minecraft is home to one of the biggest gaming communities ever. It also offers endless possibilities for an exclusively multiplayer experience.

With your friends, you and others can join online to explore the Minecraft biological worlds together. tudi, you have the chance to take on the top Minecraft map adventure games. It’s only possible when you’re able to host a Minecraft server from your computer.

In fact, by following the correct set of guidelines, nearly everyone who uses PCs can create a Minecraft server with just a couple of easy steps. In this regard, we’ll focus on the Java version in this tutorial.

Minecraft Bedrock users can refer to their server configuration instructions or set up an internet-based Minecraft server free of charge. In that regard, you can follow the step-by-step directions for creating an online Minecraft server with Java Edition.

Host a Minecraft Java Server (2022)

Before we begin let’s look at what is a Minecraft server and the minimum requirements. Vendar, if you’re keen to follow the steps follow the table below to go straight to the next step.

What is a Minecraft Server?

The Minecraft server can be described as a custom Minecraft world that other gamers can join to play, compete, and bond with others. They can be operated by private individuals, companies as well as the community.

If you are planning to set up the server online, which is limited to a few dozen players, your computer has the capacity to handle the task. Vendar, for commercial use, it is necessary to have strongly dedicated hardware to test the Minecraft server to its limits.

In the game’s online world, it’s possible to use various personalizations including textures packs to the top Minecraft skins. You can also utilize the most effective Minecraft seeds and the most incredible mods to create a memorable experience for your players.

The server on the internet also offers you hosting, as well as administrator capabilities. You are able to control nearly all aspects of your game from weather to mob spawning frequencies. Vendar, before you become overwhelmed take a look at the prerequisites for hosting servers.

Requirements to Host a Minecraft Server

If you already have Minecraft 1.18 on your computer, the requirements may not be too demanding. Based on the most current version that the game is running, we advise the following requirements for hosting a server that has 4 to 6 players:

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 2GBs RAM or more
  • A reliable internet connection, with 5 MB/sec or higher speed for internet
  • A sufficient power supply to power the PC for as long as the server is online.

Be aware that generally, Minecraft can only transfer between 100 and 150 MB of data over an unmodified server per hour. torej, you could host it on computers that have lower specifications and slow internet connections.

This is true only for basic Minecraft worlds that have little server activity. It is possible to dig deeper into the specifications by visiting the Minecraft Wiki.

You can also request the people you know to run a server if they have more advanced specifications. If you’d like to create it all by yourself, you can discover how to create your own Minecraft server.

How to Create a Minecraft Server in Java Edition

Before you begin be sure that you’re using the most recent version Minecraft Java Edition. Običajno, the game launcher continues to update the game as long as you have an internet connection that is reliable. Let’s start.

Update your Java Version

If you want your server to function smoothly, it needs to run the most current version of Java. To install the latest version of Java on your computer Follow these easy steps.

1. Start the menu using the Windows key and typingConfigure Java“. After the search is complete then click on the search’s top result and then open theConfigure JavaConfigure Javaapplication. If you do not seeConfigure Javain the search, which is not likely then you can download the most current version on Oracle’s site by clicking this hyperlink directly here.

Update your Java Version

2. Inside in the Java control panel navigate to the second tab titledUpdate“. After that, clickUpdate Nowat the bottom right corner. The Update nowbutton is located in the bottom left corner.

Java Version

3. In the pop-up window that appears click onUpdatein the pop-up windowUpdate button.

Update your Java Version

4. The application will then request that you remove all versions of Java. If you’re not certain which other software runs Java on your computer then you can keep the Java version as is. Click onUpdatefollowed by theInstallbutton. The application will load and run the latest Java version. Java.

your Java Version

Download Minecraft Server File

Fortunately, every version of Minecraft that is released, including beta updates, comes with servers of its own. torej, it’s time to visit the official Minecraft server website and download the server file by clicking onminecraft_server.1.18.1.jarfor the latest update.

The file’s name could differ depending on which version you are using. Your browser could alert you to its nature. If so you need to click theKeepKeepbutton when you are asked to save the file.

Download Minecraft Server File

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

Once you have downloaded the Minecraft server file, it’s time for you to prepare it for hosting. Here’s how.

1. To get started, create a new text document by right-clicking and selecting “Text Document” from the context menu on your PC. Make sure you are doing this in the same folder as the downloaded server file.

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

2. Open this new file by clicking it. Then, then type in the next command:

java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.1.jar nogui


You can take thenoguisection off in case you prefer the graphic user interface for the server.

3. “2048” in the code “2048” in the code indicates what is the minimal (Xms) as well as the maximum (Xmx) RAM that the server is able to make use of. It is editable in accordance with your specifications.

Be sure that your file’s name in the code (before there is no GUI) is identical to your download “.jardocument. Next, you can select to select thesave asoption and save the file using the file namestart.batandAll Filesselected in the file type section. It is important to save it to the same location in the same folder as your server files.

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

4. Double-click on the start.bat file you just saved. The file will open the command prompt window, and within a couple of minutes, the server folder will be filled with several new files within it. After it is finished it will display a EULA error.

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

5) In the end, you must accept and read the EULA guidelines before continuing the process. To do this, locate and navigate to your eula.txt file within your server directory. In this file, you’ll noticefalsewritten on the top of EULA. Replace it withtrueand save the file.

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

Host Minecraft Server on Your Windows PC

When you’ve saved your EULA file, you’ll need the first launch start. baton more by double-clicking on it. This will begin the process of installing the server file in the prompt. It typically takes between 2-4 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet and the specifications of your system.

Host Minecraft Server on Your Windows PC

At the conclusion of the installation process, thepausefeature that was included in the start.bat file will be activated and shut down the command. It is then possible to scroll up to check for mistakes during the setting.

If there aren’t any errors then the Minecraft Java server is operational. You are able to typehelpand press Enter to determine what other game options are available to use the server.

Vendar, make sure you do not close this Command prompt window even after you have finished playing. If you wish to save your progress when closing the server you can enterstopin the command prompt, and hit enter to close the window.

Test Your Minecraft Server

At this point, you’ll notice that your Minecraft Java server should be operational. If you want to test your newly-created Minecraft server Follow these steps:

1. Start your Minecraft game with the launcher. The game will be updated when it’s not yet running the most recent version. When the game starts there will be aMultiplayeroption on the main page. Click it.

Test Your Minecraft Server

2. The game then begins searching for local servers on your computer. After a few minutes, if you do not find your server in the list, just click on theAdd Server” ” Add Serverbutton on the bottom right side to connect manually.

Test Your Minecraft Server

3. Enter any server name you like or leave it exactly as it is. In the server address, you typelocalhostor ” 0″ without quotation marks, and clickDoneto save the server information.

Test Your Minecraft Server

4. The Minecraft server you’ve made will be listed in the list of servers that are available. You can make multiple servers and then add them the same way. Select your Server’s username and then click theJoin Serverbutton to start it.

Test Your Minecraft Server

Make Yourself a Server Operator

Before you can begin playing on the new server, let’s grant you complete power over your game. To do this, return to the command prompt and enterop username“. The username will be the username you use for your Minecraft username.

After that, press Enter to start the process. When it is finished processing you’ll be the server’s administrator. This position grants you the ability to control all Minecraft commands you are able to use to alter the game’s game setting, the game’s mode as well as a whole lot more.

Make Yourself a Server Operator

Invite Friends to Join Your Minecraft Java Server

If your friends play on the same network as you, they are able to join the game in the same way as you did. They just have to visit the game’s multiplayer area and then sign up to join localhost servers.

Being connected to the local network is using that same WiFi or the LAN network to connect to the Internet. This also provides you with the best latency on the internet. Minecraft experience.

But, things can get more difficult when we attempt to connect distant online acquaintances to Minecraft. Minecraft server. But don’t worry about it as we’ve broken down this complex part into steps that are easy to follow. Let’s get started.

Get your System Port Settings Ready

The basics are the first step beginning with the basics of starting the basics, System Port is the route that other players use to connect to your server’s online servers via Minecraft.

This initial port identification has the code “25565”, but you can change it inside the server’s properties. Therefore, you must include this port number in your router in order to allow users access to your Minecraft server.

Get your System Port Settings Ready

Vendar, even though it seems easy, every router maker offers a distinct method that comes with distinct names for opening the port for the system.

It’s impossible to cover them all in this article. You can, however, make use of to find your way around Port Forwarding or QoP settings. They’ve covered virtually all major WiFi routers available.

Enter Basic Server Details

In your router’s settings page for ports, all you have been doing is clickingadd serviceorcreate newor a similar button. After that, you’ll be able to input the necessary details to access the various network-related details.

Enter Basic Server Details

The layout and format may change, but the field names must be identical. You can leave the optional fields in the same format when you’re unsure. For the remaining fields, follow the following instructions.

  • Name of the Server/Service/Port: Minecraft Server
  • Starting Port: 25565
  • Stop Port 25565
  • Services Types: TCP/UDP

The ports for the start and end may also have maximum or minimum ranges. You can use the same number: 25565 in each of those fields.

Enter the Server IP Address and IPv6 Addresses.

Your server’s IP address is exactly the same as the IPv4 address of your computer. To determine that address and also the IPv6 address takes these steps.

1. Start Command Prompt by typingcmdin the Start menu, and selecting it to start it. You can also use to use the Win + R keyboard shortcut to start the Run prompt, and then press cmd to start it.

Enter Basic Server Details

2. After that you can typeipconfig /allinto your Command prompt and hit Enter. The command will show you the IPv4 address as well as your IPv6 IP address in the display.

You can enter the same address in the Server IP Address section in the port forwarding configurations. This will result in a brand new IP address that is public for your server and you and your guests are able to connect to your server without divulging any private information.

Enter Basic Server Details

Find and Share Your Public IP Address

It’s time to relax. The tough portion of the tutorial is done. Now, you must open Google and type inwhat is my IP“. The search results will show your IP address as public, and that is the IP address you’ll need to give your friends so that they can be able for joining your server.

Find and Share Your Public IP Address

You must now duplicate (select and press CTRL+C) your public IP address, and transmit the address to friends. Then, they need to put it in place of localhost when they create the multiplayer server in the same way as we did on in the tutorial.

This way you and your buddies are now able to play Minecraft with each other on your personal server.

Errors While Making a Minecraft Server

Making a Minecraft server is an enormous task on its own. It can be even more difficult when there are a few random mistakes in the process. Fortunately, I’ve also encountered many of these issues and found quick solutions to all of them. I hope that your journey to create a server will go more smoothly than mine.

JNI Errors

The first error you might encounter is when using your server.jar file that we downloaded from the official site. A different version of this error could be presented to your needs when the prompt does not work to begin the server.

Fortunately, the answer to the majority of JNI issues is to update Java. When the auto-update doesn’t work for you, you may manually update Java and download it via this page.


EULA Error

Technically speaking, the EULA error isn’t an error since Minecraft deliberately included it. Vendar, you’ll have to encounter it when opening the server.jar server.jar file for the first time. The solution is simple.

You must navigate to the eula.txt file within your Server folder and agree that you have accepted the EULA consent by changingfalsewithtrue”. Like we did in the past.

Stuck at Scanning for Games in Minecraft

Because of your Internet or any other reason it is possible to have trouble finding Minecraft Servers when you are in your multiplayer windows. The search continues for quite a while without any result.

For the majority of people, letting it go is fine. Vendar, if you’re tired of waiting, utilize theadd serveradd server button to load the server manually with the server’s IP address. The game can be restarted as a solution for this issue.

Failed to Login: Invalid Session

It’s a typical Minecraft error that may occur for you and your acquaintances. It means the fact that Minecraft is incapable of recognizing your user name and also registering it with the server you’re trying to connect to. The developers recommend restarting the game to correct the problem.

It may be a good solution for some people however the best solution is to log out of Minecraft. After you log in again, it is sure to sign in the username even though your server is operating. torej, your session that is invalid will be to be valid.

Firewall or Connectivity Errors

In the end, the most significant among all Minecraft server problems are fundamental connection errors. Each of them is a result of the firewall or antivirus settings since the firewall stops people from connecting to the Minecraft server in some instances.

To avoid this error it is necessary to create an exception to your Minecraft server within your firewall. Here’s how:

1. Then, you must open yourWindows Defender Firewallby looking for it on the Start menu. Select it to launch it.

2. After that, go to Then, click on the Inside Rules section on the left-hand panel, and then selectNew rulefrom the left panelNew ruleoption to the right. Be aware that you’ll be required to repeat these steps for outbound rules and Outbound Rules to finish the procedure from this point to the next.

3. On the new rule screen choosePort”. Click on the port option and then clickNext”.

4. If you want, you can choose either instead of UDP as you’ll have to repeat the rule-making process for the other option. In the port column, type in your server’s port number that will by default be the number 25565. Then, click next.

5. Then, the app will ask the conditions under which it should allow a connection. Here, you need to select the option that says “Allow the Connection” and continue.

6. Finally, you have to choose when the connections are allowed. torej, simply select all the given options and click “Next”. You can then give the firewall rule a name and save it.

The rule is saved to create an exception for users who connect with your Minecraft server via your firewall. Vendar, first, you have to repeat the procedure in step 4 based on the option you choose whether TCP or UDP.

It is necessary to create an entirely new rule using the other option you chose. In addition, you must create the 2 rules within the Outbound Rules section. outbound rules section in addition. The entire process is the same.

Start Your Online Minecraft Server with Friends

That’s it, your long and tiring task of building a Minecraft server is now at an end. It’s time to unwind, and for that, we have the best 1.18 mountain seeds that could be the perfect location. If you’re not yet ready to give up then you should start looking around for The best Minecraft modpacks.

A majority of them have the potential to elevate your server to higher levels. There is the option of using one of them. Best Minecraft house design ideas to create structures from scratch for your first server.

Whichever way you decide to approach it the team at our disposal is prepared to help with any of your requirements to build your server. If you encounter any issues go to our error section, or contact us via the comments. A member of our team will be available to assist you. Now, now your turn to set up the Minecraft Java server as soon as you can.

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How do you make a server on Minecraft for free?

Minehut lets you host two Minecraft servers that can accommodate at least 10 players for no cost. You can buy credits for allowing over 10 users, or create more than two servers. Alternately, you can host your own Minecraft server at no cost by using your personal computer. This is possible for any version of Minecraft.

How do you make a Minecraft server for friends?

Start Minecraft and click on theMultiplayertab. At the bottom, selectAdd Server”. Add any name you want underServer Nameand then add the server’s name and IP Address. Finally, hitDone”. When you’ve completed this, it will redirect you to your multiplayer section. it should show the server listed.

How do Minecraft servers work?

The multiplayer server lets up to two players play Minecraft with each other. You can download the server software necessary to set up your own server at and connect a server of another. For access to the server, you must use the identical version of Minecraft as the server.

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