Kaip priglobti „Minecraft“ serverį „Android“. – 2023

Kaip priglobti „Minecraft“ serverį „Android“.

Kaip priglobti „Minecraft“ serverį „Android“.: Minecraft is among the most unique games that allow you to create a private server to play multiplayer games.

It is possible to run a Minecraft server using Windows, Linux, and macOS however it does not provide support for Android devices, which is a major problem.

The availability of a portable server similar to one on an Android device would certainly have made playing Minecraft much more enjoyable.

Therefore, in seeking a solution, we came across a clever method to host the Minecraft server using your Android device.

It’s a little long and complicated but if you’re willing to make it happen and you’re willing to do it, you’ll be able to achieve it.

Without further delay, we’ll discover how to host the Minecraft server on Android. Minecraft server with Android.

Host Minecraft Server on Android

Let me clarify The process is somewhat complicated and you’ll need a level of technical expertise when handling command terminals.

For me, I’ve attempted to make the process as simple as feasible. In any case, to give you an outline, we’ll need to install Ubuntu on the top of Android. Then we can set up a Minecraft server with ease. With that said we’ll begin the initial setup.

Pastaba: We’ve done our tests on the OnePlus 7 Pro. It is possible to use any other Android device that has more RAM and a good processor.

Install Ubuntu on Your Android Device

1. The first step is to install the Linux ( Free) and Termux ( Free) from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch the Linux application and click on theChoosebutton and chooseUbuntu”. Then, tapCopy”.

Install Ubuntu on Your Android Device

3. Then, open the Termux application, paste the copied script, and then tap theEnterbutton. Termux will begin downloading Ubuntu and will take about 2 seconds to set up Ubuntu.

open the Termux app

4. After installation is completed copy and execute this command in order to begin Ubuntu. Then, you will see root@localhost on the Termux. This means Ubuntu is running successfully on your Android device.


Minecraft Server on Android

Install Java Development Kit on Ubuntu

1. After we’ve installed Ubuntu Let’s install the applications required to run the Minecraft server. We will first download JDK. JDK software in Ubuntu. Take the command below, and execute it in Termux. Wait until the installation is complete.

apt-get install software-properties-common

Install Java Development Kit on Ubuntu

2. Then you copy the below commands and run them on the Termux system one at a time. Sometimes, Termux will seek your permission prior to installation, therefore, you must accept those requests. The whole process should take about 3-4 minutes.

add-apt-repository PPA: OpenJDK-r/ppa
apt-get update
apt-get install OpenJDK-8-JRE

Install Java Development Kit on Ubuntu

Install Minecraft Server on Android

After installing Ubuntu and JDK we’ve almost completed the necessary setup to run a server for personal use. We are now ready to set up a Minecraft server for Android. These are steps you need to take.

1. Start your Minecraft Server page by clicking the following URL to the Android device. Here, tap and hold on toMinecraft-server.jarand copy the download link.

Install Minecraft Server on Android

2. Move to Termux and copy the following command. Make sure you change the URL URL with the link to download copied previously. It’ll look similar to what it does on Termux. Then, press Enter to execute the command. It will begin installing Minecraft Server on your Android device.

wget -O minecraft_server.jar https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/3dc3d84a581f14691199cf6831b71ed1296a9fdf/server.jar

Minecraft Server on Android

3. After the installation has been completed After the installation is complete, execute the command below to alter the permissions for the file. At this point, Termux won’t prompt anything, but the changes were implemented. Now move to the next section.

chmod +x minecraft_server.jar

Run Minecraft Server on Android

1. It is now possible to install a Minecraft server for Android. Let’s attempt to run the server. Copy the following command and execute the command on Termux. Be aware that it may fail on the first run due to non-compliance with this EULA contract. Do not worry about it, just move on to the next step to correct the issue.

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Run Minecraft Server on Android

2. Follow the commands below in order. It will allow you to access the EULA arrangement and you will be able to make any changes you want to.

apt-get install nano
nano eula.txt

3. For The Nano editors, changeeula=falsetoeula=true”. Editing text files with the Nano editor can be a challenge. You aren’t able to navigate using the touchscreen. Thus use thedownkey three times to place the cursor under the text that was last. Then you press backspace, it will move to the line above, and keep pressing backspace until you delete the false. You can now enter true”.

Run Minecraft Server on Android

4. After you have changed the EULA text, tap “CTRL” and then tap the “x” key. It will ask for modifying the file, press “y” and it will save the changes, Finally, tap the “Enter” key and you will be back to Termux.

Run Minecraft Server on Android

5. Then, run the same command that we ran in the previous stage This time Minecraft Server will successfully run on your Android phone. Here’s the command to run it again, in case you require it. This process shouldn’t take longer than a minute.

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Run Minecraft Server on Android

Tunnel Your Local Minecraft Server to the Internet

We have set up a Minecraft server for the Android device, however, we must connect the server using the use of a secure tunneling software known as Ngrok. It will create an encrypted public URL for your server, which you are able to give to your players for multi-player Minecraft gaming. Here’s how to accomplish it.

1. Go to the Ngrok download page and tap and holdLinux (ARM64)”. Copy your download URL.

Minecraft Server to the Internet

2. After that, return to Termux and copy into the command. Make sure you change your HTTP:// URL with the copy of the Ngrok link that you copied from the previous step. Then, press theEnterbutton and it will begin to install Ngrok to the Android device.

wget -O ngrok.zip https://bin.equinox.io/a/nmkK3DkqZEB/ngrok-2.2.8-linux-arm64.zip

Tunnel Your Local Minecraft Server to the Internet

3. Following the installation, run these commands each one at a time.

apt-get install zip unzip
unzip ngrok.zip

4. Once you’ve completed that, go to the Sign-Up webpage on Ngrok and register an account. After logging in, it will give you the authentication code in theConnect Your Accountsection. Copy the auth tokens code.

Minecraft Server

5. Now start the auth token key in Termux. It should look like this.

./ngrok authtoken 1QVNoeHerkYbSncmdjIj2yfaGNk_3Zt1hTF1nY9WyGY5BoSU2

6. Following that, run the below command, and the Ngrok status screen will pop up. If the status of your session is displayed asonlinethen you have created your own personal Minecraft server for Android. The Minecraft server is now live and accessible via the web.

./ngrok tcp 25565

Minecraft Server 7. Then, copy theForwardingaddress which begins with the letters TCP. It’s the URL public that you can give to your friends for Minecraft multiplayer gaming. It’s supposed to look like this.


Minecraft Server to the Internet 8. If you wish to quit tunneling on the internet then pressCTRLas well asCkeys, and you’ll be able to shut down your Minecraft server will be shut down.

Play Multi-Player Minecraft with Your Friends

Launch Minecraft and sign in to your account. Select Multi-player and then clickDirect Connect”. There, paste the Forwarding address that you copied from step 7 in the previous section and then pressJoin Serverand then press theJoin Serverbutton. Now you’re connected to your own personal Minecraft server running on your Android device. Enjoy!

Play Multi-Player Minecraft with Your Friends

Host Minecraft Server on Android and Enjoy Personal Gaming

This is our comprehensive guide to creating a Minecraft server for Android phones. As you can observe, the process is extremely complex and you will need to configure a variety of things prior to being able to make your own online Minecraft server.

But, I’ve attempted to make the procedure as easy as I can with screenshots and collaborative steps. That’s entirely from our end. If you’ve been able to set up a Minecraft server using the Android device, please share the forwarding address. We’d be delighted to join in Minecraft together.


Can you host a Minecraft server on Android?

It’s possible to host a Minecraft server using Windows, Linux, and macOS however, it’s not compatible with Android phones, which is disappointing.

Can I run Minecraft Java on Android?

There are a lot of servers you can play as well as, of course, Java players have a better moderating of their game as well. But, it’s actually possible to play Java Minecraft on your smartphone and it’s easy to set up. You can play it on Android as well as Jailbroken iOS devices, as well as Chromebooks.

Can you host and play Minecraft?

Minecraft Server Hosting has been now an extremely popular choice for gamers from all over the world. It is possible to play the game on your personal computer as a player on your own or create an online game with ease. You’ll require renting servers or even hosting them for you to play Minecraft as an online game.

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