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How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Minecraft에서 매끄러운 돌을 만드는 방법: The most popular block found in Minecraft is likely to be stone. 하지만, since way back in the original Minecraft Classic, Smooth Stone was also a possibility. We will demonstrate how to create a smooth Stone as well as how to make a furnace and create Smooth Slabs in Minecraft.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Recipe

Smooth Stone is an ethereal gray shade, and it has a distinct outline. There isn’t a Minecraft making the recipe to make Smooth Stone on the Crafting Grid, but you can make it:

This is how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: The Smooth Stone Recipe

단계 1: Get Cobblestone. Cobblestone is the most well-known kind of stone. This is the type of stone that you make furnaces. It is also the stone you can refine into a smooth stone.

단계 2: Get Coal or Wood. Wood or coal is what you need for getting your furnace getting started. There is coal available in areas of the stone. Find the blocks with black pixels.

단계 3: Create the furnace by using eight Cobblestone blocks that are available in the Minecraft crafting menu. Each block must be filled, with the exception of the middle block. This is how you build the Furnace.

단계 4: Convert Cobblestone into Stone using the furnace. Utilize the coal and place it in an oven at its bottom. On top, put your Cobblestone. After you have put them both in the furnace, the flames have started to burn and Cobblestone turns into Stone.

단계 5: Turn the Stone into a smooth Stone using the furnace. Repeat the same procedure. You will need the Stone that you made by the furnace at the beginning Add coal, and you’ll get Smooth Stone.

Smooth Stone Recipe

How to build a furnace in Minecraft Start by creating your furnace by placing 8 Cobblestone in the pattern shown below in the crafting menu.

While smelting in the furnace the conversion ratio is 1:1 which means that you receive just one Smooth Stone block for each Stone block you smelt.

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft

After creating your Furnace utilize the furnace to transform Cobblestone into Stone. Repeat the smelting process using the resultant Stone and you’ll receive Smooth Stone.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Quick Video

Watch this video to learn how to create a furnace using Cobblestone and then utilize the furnace to create a Stone or Smooth Stone in Minecraft. This video also shows how to create Smooth Stone Slabs.

How to make Smooth Stone Slabs in Minecraft

If you’re looking to create smooth Stone Slabs, then here is the Stone Slab Recipe:

  1. You’ll need three Smooth Stone blocks.
  2. Put them on a Crafting Table in a row and you will get six Smooth Stone Slabs.


  • Smooth Stone Slabs do not form a single block when they are laid on top of each other. They are layered to create a double-slab pattern instead.
  • Smooth Stone is mined using a pickaxe in order for it to fall. It is also possible to obtain Smooth Stone by finding it near houses and villages.
  • It is also possible to use the Stonecutter on smooth Stone as well as on other types of blocks that are made of rocks.
  • There is no longer a way to build Smooth Stone stairs, however so far as I can tell

Please note that if you are predominantly using your furnace to melt ore, take a look at our article titledHow to build Blast Furnace within Minecraft’. The Blast Furnace can smelt ore twice as fast that a normal Furnace.


Can you make the smooth stone in Minecraft?

Smooth Stone is not any recipe for crafting it is instead created by placing Stone on top inside a furnace. The conversion ratio is 1:1, meaning you’ll get the same Smooth Stone Block for each Stone block that is melted. This is the only thing you need to know about it.

Where is a smooth stone in Minecraft?

Smooth stone has been created in the updated savanna village and in the newly wintery tundra communities. Smooth stones can be located in chests found in mason houses in the village. The smooth stone can be used to make blast furnaces.

When was smooth stone added to Minecraft?

Smooth Stone was introduced to Minecraft in the Java Edition beta 3.1.3. Smooth Stone is one of the oldest blocks available in Minecraft. Players can melt stone blocks in a furnace in order to obtain Smooth Stones.

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