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http //aka.ms/xboxsetupGuys!! If you are asking How to set up Xbox using Phone with aka.ms/xboxsetup? Hvis ja, here is the complete step-by-step guide for you. Læs endelig denne artikel og få alle de oplysninger, du har brug for at vide om Complete Xbox console-setup using the mobile app og HTTP://aka.ms/xboxsetup.

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What is https://aka.ms/xboxsetup?

https://aka.ms/xboxsetup (aka.ms/xbox setup) is a mobile website to complete the Xbox system update rather than waiting for the system to complete the update automatically. This website provides a manual way to update Xbox One. And since the Xbox One digital setup isn’t available on your pc. Derefter, you have to take out all the methods on your phone.

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Complete Xbox console setup using the mobile app

Guys!! If you’re ready to set up your new console digitally, you can use the Xbox app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Trin 1: Download and open the Xbox app

Download and open the Xbox app

  • Først og fremmest, please download the Xbox app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store: Google Play, Apple App Store
  • Open the app. If you’re a new application user, then please choose Set up a console. If you have already logged in to the app, please choose the Console icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, and select Set up a console.
  • Enter the code you were provided on the Set up with the Xbox app screen.

Trin 2: Allow the app to connect to your console

  • When you notice a notification that asks, “Xbox wants to join WiFi network [your network], then please choose Join.
  • Once your console connects, select Næste.

Trin 3: Select your language and location

  • The first step in personalizing your console is to choose your preferred language and location. If the language you speak is not available, please choose to read to connect your console to the internet and start your first system update.
  • After the update is complete, more languages may be available.
  • After you select your Language, choose Næste.

Trin 4: Connect your console to the internet

The next step is to connect your Xbox to the internet. It can be done either by a wireless connection or wired connection.

If you attached a network cable to your Xbox during physical setup, you’d go immediately to the connected screen. Please select Næste to continue with your digital setup.

If the console doesn’t detect a wired connection, you will be prompted to choose a network. On the Let’s get your console on the internet screen, du kan:

  • Select from the list of wireless networks.
  • Use a wired connection.

After you pick your network, you will see the It’s all good screen. Please select Næste to continue with your digital setup.

Trin 5: Update your system

  • Once you are connected to the Internet, you’ll require to receive the most recent system update so you can use your Xbox for the first time.
  • Review the size of the update and choose the Update console to start the download.
  • If you choose to wait until later, select the X button  at the app screen’s upper right.
  • If you pick this option, your setup experience will pick up where it left off when you turn the console back on.

Trin 6: Choose the power option that’s right for you

  • Option 1: Energy-saving
  • Option 2: Instant-on
  • To change this setting later

Trin 7: Choose what to keep up to date

  • Tryk på Xbox button on the controller and then please select Profile & system > Indstillinger > System > Updates.

Trin 8: Give your console a name

  • If you have more than one console, it’s a great idea to name them.
  • Once you have entered a name, please select Næste.
  • If you don’t need to name your console, please select Skip.

Trin 9: Apply your settings to your console

  • The app will apply your settings to the console.
  • The system update will keep going.
  • Please Select Næste to continue the setup process from the app.

Trin 10: Sign in

  • On the Let’s get your signed in the screen, please select Næste to start the sign-in process.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account, use it to log in now.
  • If you don’t have a Microsoft account and require to create a new one,
  • Please select Create one!
  • If you want help signing in or finding your Microsoft account, see: Sign in to Xbox.

Trin 11: Choose data and security options

  • Please select Send optional data to share diagnostic and usage info with Microsoft on the Help make Xbox better screen. You can also choose No thanks to opt-out.
  • On the Sharing data with app and game publishers screen, please select Next to choose what you need to share.
  • On Want to keep in touch? You can turn on Xbox info & offers to receive updates and offers from Xbox, and Publisher info & offers to get information and offers from app and game publishers.

Trin 12: Choose your sign-in and security preferences

  • Option 1: No barriers
  • Option 2: Ask for my passkey
  • Option 3: Lock it down

Trin 13: Apply saved settings (if applicable)

  • If you before saved your preferences and settings for another console to the cloud, you will be asked if you’d like to have those settings applied to this console as well.
  • If not, please select to continue with your digital setup

Trin 14: Turn on remote features

  • If you require to use the Xbox app to interact with your console outside of the setup process, please select Turn on, and on the next screen, select Enable Instant On.
  • If not, choose Skip.

Trin 15: Queue up apps to install after your console is done updating

  • The app will show you a list of apps you can choose to pre-install on your console so that once it’s done updating, they’ll quickly install.
  • Please Choose the apps you require, and select Næste.
  • Select Skip if you need to do this later.

Trin 16: Connect social networks and find friends

  • While you are waiting for the console to finish updating, you can add your Steam and Facebook accounts to discover and add more friends.
  • Allow the networks to do this.
  • If you require to do this later, please select Skip for now.

Trin 17: Turn on notifications

  • To get messages and party invites from your friends, please select Allow notifications, and choose OK to confirm.

Trin 18: Turn on and update your controller

Trin 19: Enable TV settings

Trin 20: You’re done! Welcome to Xbox

How to Setup (step by step) Video tutorial

Reference: support.xbox.com

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