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How to make Concrete in Minecraft

How to make Concrete in Minecraft: Concrete is a tough and vibrant material that can make the Minecraft creation a stunning appearance. Concrete is available in a wide range of colors.

It doesn’t explode into wool that looks like flames. Concrete block also has a slightly higher degree of hardness than Stone but this is at the cost of less blast resistance.

There are a few points to be aware of prior to diving into the procedure of creating concrete. It must extract using a pickaxe, otherwise, the block could disappear.

The fundamental block of concrete powder made up of the same physics integrate as gravel and sand. It is its primary building block, which means it follows the laws of gravity and fall.

Contrarily, concrete that has been hardened follows the same physics as the majority of other blocks and will maintain its position regardless of the blocks underneath it.

Items you need to Make Concrete

The materials you require to create concrete include:

  1. Four blocks of gravel
  2. Four pieces of gravel
  3. Color of your preference
  4. Source of water


It is seen on beaches, in small water bodies, ponds in mountain biomes that cover most of the surface, and also under the water that covers the submerge areas of freezing, cold ocean biomes.

It can extract with any kind of tool, but it is best to use a shovel because it does the same task more effectively than other tools. In order to make the 8 powdered concrete pieces just four gravel blocks are needed therefore, it shouldn’t be too hassle.



In the same way, sand blocks an additional element in concrete construction must mined using the help of a shovel. They are found in desert biomes as well as close to water bodies like rivers, lakes, and beaches. There are 4 of them as well when making concrete.



It is important to determine the color you want concrete to have before we begin to make it. In Minecraft concrete, it can one of sixteen dyes: red, orange green, yellow, lime, light blue, cyan, magenta, blue, purple-brown, pink white, black as well as light grey.

You can acquire the various dyes through crafting and selling them, or smelting. There isn’t one way to create the dye, since every dye comes with its own recipe.

A good example would the dye green, which we’ve discussed in this article.

Below is a graph, that shows the place from which each dye could purchase.

Minecraft chart

Water source:

The powder that make of concrete can solidify by exposure to water from all sources, excluding cauldrons, rain, or bottles.

How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To create concrete, players require concrete first. Choose a color that you prefer in the first box on the grid of crafting. Then, fill the final row and the third box in two rows with gravel and finally, the rest area of the grid fill with sand.

This will create concrete blocks. The process of bringing these concrete blocks into contact with water sources can result in hardened concrete.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide to follow in order to create cement in Minecraft:

Step-1 Open the crafting table

Begin by opening your crafting table to ensure that you are able to see the same 3×3 crafting grid as the one below:

crafting table

Step-2 Place the gravel

They are the two main construction blocks for concrete powder. The gravel blocks have to place in the order illustrated below. Three blocks must fill in the column in the middle and the remaining is to be put in the final cell of the middle row.

Place the gravel

Step-3 Place sand

Similar to gravel, the sand is in place, however, the arrangement of sand isn’t exactly symmetrical with gravel, so ensure that you’re following the image below, block by block.

Two blocks must complete the middle row, where there is already gravel, which means that the two first cells fills with sand. The two other blocks will be put in the 3rd and 2nd cells of the row.

Place sand

Step-4 Place the dye

When you’ve finished placing the gravel and sand one of the cells in the grid of crafting remains empty. This is the location of the dye you choose to place. After you have done this you will see a pile of eight concrete blocks will visible on your screen.

Place the dye

Step-5 Drag the concrete powder into your inventory

As previously mentioned using this recipe, you will create the concrete powder block. Converting the powder into concrete is quite simple.

All you need to do is put the Concrete Powder near a water source and it will change to hardened Concrete! The photo below shows a person holding a block of concrete and shortly after placing it in the source of water, it transforms into solid concrete.

The block’s appearance changes from rough to a smoother, more attractive one.

Drag the concrete powder

Step-6 Mine the concrete

This is the last step to the successful construction of concrete. As you’ve got the concrete block before you, all that is left to do is mine it. It can only mine using an ax.

Mine the concrete

Give Command for Concrete

Since the concrete block comes in many colors, there’s no need for an established standard for giving the command for concrete in itself. Egter, the command is the same format for every color. The format follows:

/give @p colour_concrete_powder 1

It is important to note that the color used by the commands is just a placeholder. This means that you need to change it to the color of concrete you want to create. Byvoorbeeld, to create a green concrete block, the command will look like this:

/give @p orange_concrete_powder 1

Explainer Video


Congratulations. Not only did you master how to make the concrete material, but you also learn to make various types of concrete. That’s a reason to pat yourself on the shoulder.

To decorate the bright and vibrant colors of concrete are worth the effort. For construction, its blast resistance is a lot lower, however, its strength is slightly greater than stone.

Gereelde vrae

Is concrete easy to make in Minecraft?

In order to make concrete to make concrete in Minecraft first you’ll need to make Concrete Powder. You’ll require gravel, sand, and then a color that you like. It’s good to know that they are very simple to purchase It is typically locate at the beginning of each new world.

How do I make concrete?

To create your own concrete using limestone cement Mix 2 parts all-purpose sand and 1 part cement inside the wheelbarrow using a shovel or cement mix. Mix 4 parts of crush brick or gravel into the mix, and then slowly introduce water into all the dry materials.

What does concrete powder do in Minecraft?

Concrete Powder is a block that can make in Minecraft which transforms into Concrete Blocks once it comes in contact with water. Concrete is available in 16 colors base on the color use by the player when making Concrete Powder. It is made using sand, pigments, and gravel.

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